Learn about our legal structure & regulators and meet our Branch Management, the flatexDEGIRO Bank AG Board of Directors and the flatexDEGIRO Bank AG Supervisory Board members.

How we came to be

DEGIRO B.V. was founded in Amsterdam on June 3rd, 2009. In 2020, over a decade later, the Dutch DEGIRO B.V. was bought by the German flatex AG. In May of 2021, the two companies officially merged, becoming flatexDEGIRO Bank AG. flatexDEGIRO Bank AG still operates as two separate brokers in their respective marketplaces under their brand names flatex and DEGIRO. The merger allowed us to combine our experience and expertise and grow to be Europe's leading broker.

Internal supervision

To ensure comprehensive oversight of our operations, we have implemented a governance structure consisting of three tiers.

First and foremost, the Dutch Branch of the flatexDEGIRO Bank has its own Branch Management. The Branch Management consists of two Branch Managers and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of DEGIRO. Within the Branch Management team, there is a clear division of responsibilities, with each of the Branch Managers having their own focus points.

The Board of Directors of flatexDEGIRO Bank AG is responsible for the day-to-day management and long-term strategy setting of the company. When it comes to setting the strategy of DEGIRO, the Board of Directors works in close cooperation with the Branch Management.

Finally, the Board of Directors is overseen by the bank’s Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board is responsible for supervising and advising the Board of Directors.

External supervision

flatexDEGIRO Bank Dutch Branch, trading under the name DEGIRO, is the Dutch branch of flatexDEGIRO Bank AG. flatexDEGIRO Bank AG is primarily supervised by the German financial regulator (BaFin). In the Netherlands, flatexDEGIRO Bank Dutch Branch is registered with DNB and supervised by AFM and DNB.

See our registration in DNB’s public registry here.


Branch Management

Frans Kuijlaars

Frans Kuijlaars

Branch Manager – Customer Service and Country Management

Frans focuses on customer service and country management.

Frans joined the flatexDEGIRO group as Country Manager for the Netherlands at flatexDEGIRO Bank AG. During his career, Frans gained significant experience as a banker, focusing on retail and investment banking. He held various positions at ABN AMRO, Royal Bank of Scotland, and BNP Paribas, among others.

Giscard Monod de Froideville

Giscard Monod de Froideville

Branch Manager – Commercial

Giscard focuses on the Marketing and Communications strategy for the 15 European marketplaces that DEGIRO operates in, as well as acting as CMO.

Giscard started off at DEGIRO as a freelance International Brand Strategy & Marketing Consultant and later joined full time as the Global Head of Marketing. Giscard has gained significant marketing experience either as a consultant or leading marketing teams for various companies, such as Bunq, Yearn and

Shape group


Bank AG
Board of Directors

Benon Z. Janos

Dr. Benon Z. Janos

Co-CEO of flatexDEGIRO AG and flatexDEGIRO Bank AG

Stephan Simmang

Stephan Simmang

Co-CEO of flatexDEGIRO AG and flatexDEGIRO Bank AG

Dr. Matthias Heinrich

Dr. Matthias Heinrich

CRO of flatexDEGIRO Bank AG

Steffen A. Jentsch

Steffen A. Jentsch

CPO of flatexDEGIRO Bank AG

Jens Möbitz

Jens Möbitz

Operational Customer Functions and the Treasury for flatexDEGIRO Bank AG

Christiane Strubel

Christiane Strubel

CHRO of flatexDEGIRO Bank AG and Member of the Management board for flatexDEGIRO AG


Bank AG
Supervisory Board

Martin Korbmacher

Martin Korbmacher

Chairman of the Bank Supervisory Board

Stefan Müller

Stefan Müller

Member of the Bank Supervisory Board

Aygül Ōzkan

Aygül Ōzkan

Member of the Bank Supervisory Board

Stefan Müller

Britta Lehfeldt

Member of the Bank Supervisory Board

Aygül Ōzkan

Herbert Seuling

Member of the Supervisory Board

Our story

Our journey began in 2013 when we revolutionised the retail investing industry with the launch of our services in the Netherlands. Just 10 years later, we are proud to have become Europe's leading broker, offering our services in 15 countries all over Europe.

10 years of DEGIRO

In 2023, we were recognised with several new awards, bringing our total number of international awards to over 100. We also celebrated our 10th anniversary and are proud to have become one of the most used platforms in Europe, with more than 750,000 investors in the Netherlands and 2.6 million in total.

Continued growth

In 2022, we reached 2M clients in Europe and surpassed 100K clients in Italy & Portugal. We were also proud to take home new awards, giving us over 100 international recognitions in total. And we kept working on improving our platform, adding new features like the Dark Mode and Top lists.

Improved platform

In 2021, we added an extensive amount of financial data, such as ESG ratings and Analyst Views, and began rolling out flatexDEGIRO Cash Accounts, a new solution to hold uninvested money. We also began offering investing on Tradegate Exchange, allowing for pre-market and after-hours trading.

The next chapter

In 2020, we joined forces with flatex AG, becoming one of the biggest brokers in Europe. We also were included in the SDAX, making flatexDEGIRO one of the 160 largest listed companies in Germany. Together, we began offering our services to over 1 million investors.

A new trading platform

In 2019, we launched our new trading platform based on our clients’ feedback and the changing technology. Thanks to our investors, we were awarded with multiple international prizes again this year.

More clients & more awards

In 2018, we surpassed 350,000 clients. We became even more a reliable and trustworthy broker, winning over 40 international broker awards, including the awards for Best Broker and Best Mobile App, given by the Financial Times & Investors Chronicle.

Top-5 in Europe

In 2017, we reached more than 200,000 clients and became one of the five largest brokers in Europe based on transactions per year. We continued to win numerous awards including the Best Broker award in Germany from the Handelsblatt Broker Comparison.

Largest broker in the Netherlands

In 2016, we became the largest online broker in the Netherlands in terms of transactions per year handled. We also welcomed Switzerland into our family making it the 15th country to benefit from our incredibly low fees.


More expansion

In 2015, we continued our growth across Northern Europe and Italy and launched our English platform in the UK. We were recognised with several international awards along the way, including the prestigious Golden Bull Award in the Netherlands.

Sweden Denmark Italy Norway Finland United%20Kingdom Ireland

Nine countries reached

In 2014, we began our expansion, offering our services in nine European countries. We started a name for ourselves in the Dutch market by winning the Best Broker award and announcing our partnership with Euronext.

France Czech Austria Germany Spain Poland Hungary Greece Portugal

Launch of DEGIRO

In 2013, we introduced services in the Netherlands our, with the possibility for all our retail clients to invest with incredibly low fees. This was the beginning of our mission: making global trading accessible and affordable for everyone.


Sijoittajan taipaleesi alkaa tästä

Avaa tili ilmaiseksi ja liity yli 2,5 miljoonan sijoittajan joukkoon helppokäyttöiselle ohjelmistoalustallamme.

Sijoittamiseen liittyy riskejä. Voit menettää sijoittamasi varat kokonaan. Suosittelemme sijoittamaan vain sellaisiin rahoitustuotteisiin, jotka sopivat tietotasollesi ja kokemuksellesi. Tämä ei ole sijoitusneuvontaa.

Sijoittamiseen liittyy riskejä.


Haluamme kaikkien kehittyvän niin hyviksi sijoittajiksi kuin mahdollista. Poistamme sijoittamisen saavutettavuuden esteitä kaikilta aloittelijoista asiantuntijoihin tarjoamalla laajan valikoiman mahdollisuuksia ja valintoja helppokäyttöisellä ohjelmistoalustallamme. Saatavana on paljon erilaisia tuotteita yli 50 pörssistä ympäri maailman ja mahdollisuus sijoittaa juuri itse haluamallasi tavalla. Meidän maailmassamme saat rahoillesi paljon vastinetta. Tarjoamme uskomattoman alhaiset palvelumaksut kuitenkaan tinkimättä pätkääkään sijoituspalvelujemme laadusta, turvallisuudesta tai monipuolisuudesta. Tarpeittesi asettaminen etusijalle on auttanut meitä kehittymään Euroopan johtavaksi verkkomeklariksi. Osoituksena menestyksestämme on 2,5+ miljoonaa asiakasta ja 100+ kansainvälistä palkintoa.

flatexDEGIRO-pankin Alankomaiden sivukonttori, flatexDEGIRO Bank AG:n ulkomainen sivukonttori | Amstelplein 1, 1096HA Amsterdam | puhelin: +31 20 2613072 | sähköposti: | flatexDEGIRO-pankin Alankomaiden sivukonttori on rekisteröity Alankomaiden kaupparekisteriin numerolla 82510245. | flatexDEGIRO-pankin Alankomaiden sivukonttori, joka toimii nimellä DEGIRO, on flatexDEGIRO Bank AG:n Alankomaiden sivukonttori. flatexDEGIRO Bank AG on ensisijaisesti Saksan finanssivalvonnan (BaFin) valvonnassa. Alankomaissa flatexDEGIRO-pankin Alankomaiden sivukonttori on rekisteröity DNB-pankkiin ja sitä valvovat AFM ja DNB. flatexDEGIRO Bank AG on Saksassa rekisteröity pankki, jota valvoo Saksan finanssivalvonta ja joka on rekisteröity Saksan kaupparekisteriin numerolla HRB 105687.


100 euron transaktiomaksutarjouksen ehdot ja edellytykset

Jos aktivoit DEGIRO-sijoitustilisi ennen 1. Kesäkuu 2024, DEGIRO korvaa sinulle transaktiomaksut 100 euroon asti. Tarjoukseen sovelletaan seuraavia ehtoja:

  • Tarjous on voimassa 31. Toukokuu 2024 asti.
  • Tarjouskauden aikana uudet asiakkaat, jotka ovat aktivoineet tilin, saavat jopa 100 euron suuruiset transaktiomaksut takaisin.
  • Ensimmäiset transaktiokustannukset ja ulkoiset käsittelykulut korvataan 100 euroon asti 30. Kesäkuu 2024 asti.
  • Valuuttakäsittelymaksut (Auto FX trader ja manuaalinen kauppa) eivät ole oikeutettuja palautukseen tämän kampanjan yhteydessä.
  • Korvaamme käyttämäsi transaktiokulut ja ulkoiset käsittelykulut (enintään 100 euroa) DEGIRO-tilillesi Heinäkuu 2024 alussa.
  • Tilisi aktivoidaan ja tarjousjakso alkaa, kun allekirjoitat asiakassopimuksen.
  • Tämä tarjous on voimassa vain uusille asiakkaille, joilla on suomalainen DEGIRO-tili.
  • Uuden asiakkaan on tehtävä ensitalletus (vähintään 0,01 euroa) aloittaakseen kaupankäynnin ja käyttääkseen 100 euron tarjouskoodin.
  • Uudet asiakkaat, jotka ovat aloittaneet rekisteröitymisen ennen tarjousaikaa, mutta aktivoivat DEGIRO-tilinsä tarjousaikana, ovat myös oikeutettuja tähän tarjoukseen.
  • Jos uuden asiakkaan osoitteeseen on jo liitetty olemassa oleva tili, osallistuminen ei ole mahdollista.
  • Kukin uusi asiakas voi saada 100 euron tapahtumahyvityksen vain kerran.
  • Tähän kampanjaan sovelletaan Alankomaiden lakia.

Tarjousehtojen hyväksyminen

Osallistumalla tarjoukseen asiakas hyväksyy automaattisesti tarjouksen ehdot. DEGIRO voi lopettaa kampanjan milloin tahansa ennen sen päättymistä tai muuttaa kampanjan ehtoja. DEGIRO ilmoittaa muutoksista verkkosivustollaan.


Tarjoukseen voivat osallistua kaikki asiakkaat, jotka ovat aktivoineet tilin DEGIROssa viimeistään 31. Toukokuu 2024.