Recognise imposter websites

In order to avoid any phishing through imposter websites, we would like to share a few easy tips and tricks on how to recognise our official communications.

Website use

Please be sure to always check the website URL before entering any personal information. For our all websites, we only use ‘DEGIRO’ fully spelled out plus the official top-level domain for your country. For the IE this is:

In addition to checking the URL itself, you should also make sure that you are using an official DEGIRO website by checking if a closed lock is shown in the search bar next to the URL. All official DEGIRO websites have a valid certificate. By simply clicking on the lock, a menu will specify if a valid certificate for DEGIRO is present. Please do not visit a (so-called) DEGIRO website without a closed lock, as this will be a fake website.

ssl certificate ico url

Please check if there is a certificate owned by DeGiro B.V.

E-mail communication

We use various different e-mail addresses to reach out to you depending on the type of communication. For example, general newsletter communication is sent from, while our Service Desk uses the e-mail address While the first part of the e-mail address may vary, official DEGIRO e-mail addresses always end with ‘‘ or ‘‘.

Trading platform

There are two ways for you to log in to our trading platform:

  1. Directly through the mobile app (Apple or Android)
  2. Directly via or by clicking the button in the top right corner of our official website.

File links

Oftentimes, we link to files in our communications in order to help you to find specific information efficiently. As with our websites, file links make use of ‘DEGIRO’ spelled out in full followed by the top-level domain for your country ‘' or, in case of international documents ‘’.

Information requested

In our communications with you, we will never ask you for your password. Any communications requesting such information should be ignored.

Information provided

As an execution-only broker, we do not provide investment advice. When a (supposed) DEGIRO employee contacts you via phone, e-mail or any other kind of communication to give advice and/or ask for your login, please do not respond. Also, we will never link to the login page directly. Instead, we might use the official homepage or any other page where you can find the login button. We will no longer link directly to the login page.


In order to add an extra security measure to your account, we kindly request you to enable two-factor-authentication. This is an extra security setting you can enable in your account. If you would like to add this possibility, please go to ‘profile’ in your DEGIRO account, choose ‘security’ and then follow the steps to install the ‘two-factor-authentication’.

Please stay alert to any kind of suspicious communications. You should never share your password, always lock your device or log out of the account when leaving the computer and be careful with unsecured internet such as public WIFI networks.

ssl certificate ico url

Please check if there is a certificate owned by DeGiro B.V.

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