Invite a friend and receive €20 in transaction reimbursement

You can now get €20 in transaction reimbursement by letting other investors also profit from the unheard of low fees with DEGIRO.

How does it work?

Receive €20 in transaction reimbursement in 3 steps. For detailed conditions, please consult our Terms and conditions.


Send out your invitations

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to open an account with DEGIRO or share your personalised link on social media.


An account is opened using your link

Once the invited person has opened an account using your link, he or she can start trading immediately. Once €20 in transaction fees has been accumulated within the first 3 months, the full €20 will be reimbursed.


You receive €20 in transaction reimbursement

Once the new client has received the reimbursement, you will then have 3 months to spend €20 in transaction fees. After this €20 has been accumulated, your will receive your €20 transaction reimbursement as well.

Questions? Contact our servicedesk.

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